Please Pray For Norm

  He has not been feeling well and has not been sleeping well.  He wakes up after “sleeping” twelve hours and he’s not rested.  He works with chemicals at school…high-powered stuff to wax floors and it is hurting his lower respiratory system.  I just gave him something hopefully to help the cough and sent him to bed.  I heard him cough some but not much.  The deciding fact that he needs something is I went to second service with him and suddenly he started to snore.  He has never ever fallen to sleep in church before!  He had to usher first hour and he confessed on the way home that he fell asleep then as well and almost missed getting up to take the offering.  He’s been tossing and turning and just generally not breathing well at night and it wakes him up…or at least keeps him from getting rested.
Today I went for French Fries to serve with hot dogs  for lunch.  Tonight we plan to go to McD’s  for supper and then there is a local Bible School Nicole has been bugging to go to.  There is another next week the kids want to go to as well.  It’s nice they can get out and meet people but it gets tiring running them every night esp. if they go a few weeks straight.
Nicole came home this morning from her grandma’s house….with a bag of new clothes.  They went outlet shopping in Hershey.  Nicole kept telling me I need to go to this store and that store and finally I turned to her and said, “And could you tell me how to get there?”  Nope.  I know how to get to Hersheypark/Chocolate World/Zoo/Giant Center/Penn State Medical Center/Milton Hershey School…but that is about it.
Awhile back a teen was hurt badly in an accident with four other teens.(Hannah)  We have been watching her mother’s blog on it.  It is heart wrenching to hear about how this active, beautiful girl could become so dehibilitated.  They have pictures posted of her before the accident.  It is sad that teens don’t realize their lives could be taken so soon….but who am I to talk?  I don’t think I realized my own mortality till I had kids of my own and suddenly I realized the danger of stuff.  I used to be able to jump on a roller coaster and it wasn’t a problem….as long as we didn’t go upside down.  Now I’m like, I don’t think so.  I also used to want to visit Europe…but I have no desire to board a plane…esp. after 911.  I’ll just wait till they build the bridge.


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